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Australia wide delivery

image guidelines

The higher resolution the better. This gives me the most detail to work with. Blurry images won’t work.

If you are taking a photo on your phone, do not use portrait mode as this blurs some detail.

If you’d like a coloured background, please take a photo of your pet at eye level – not looking down at them.

Make sure they’re looking at the camera.

And it’s best if they are standing or sitting – not lying down.

Go for an outdoor shot in natural daylight if possible. Not in direct sunlight. Indoors is fine if it’s nice and bright.

Make sure no features are cropped out like ears or neck.

If you’d like more than one pet, you can send individual photos of them and I can combine them.

Remember your portrait will be based on the photo you send through, so make sure it’s one you love and it captures your pet at their best!

Not sure? 
If you’d like to send a few photos and let me choose which one will work best, please do! Just place your order and then email the photos to